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How to wash Football Gloves

How to wash Football Gloves

Tired of going through football gloves like those pairs of socks lying all over your bedroom floor? Well, at least you can rewash socks. Football gloves are a different story. If you need gloves that will last to survive a whole season, you are investing your time well by reading this tutorial. Washing your football gloves is a simple and easy process that will help maintain the glove’s signature look while allowing for maximum comfort and grip. The experience you felt when wearing those gloves for the first time is about to last a whole lot longer with these few tips and tricks.

Tip #1 Do not machine wash

Even though somewhere on the glove’s tag it may say “machine washable,” it is generally not recommended to go this route. By hand washing your football gloves, you are avoiding any risk of shrinkage, design damage, and more due to the excessive water from the washer and heat from the dryer. Hand washing gives you the control you need to effectively clean your football gloves

Tip #2 Do a simple wash in the sink