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XEIR PRO Premium All Weather Golf Gloves 4 Pack for Men Worn On Right Hand for Left Handed Golfer

XEIR PRO Premium All Weather Golf Gloves 4 Pack for Men Worn On Right Hand for Left Handed Golfer

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Impeccable Grip, Unmatched Performance, Play Your Best

Supreme Comfort, Style, and Fit

Durable | Tacky | Soft

Moisture Control

Vented to keeps your hands from chafing and abrading

Secure Comfort

Great fit and precise closure provides soft flexibility

Perforated Leather

Wicking mechanics provide next level breathability

Climate Proof

Perfect for any harsh weather and lasts a long time

Easily Maintain

Quality material won't blemish from cleaning chemicals



Golf Gloves With Unmatchable Comfort

XEIRPRO Premium All Weather Golf Glove gives you complete comfort when swinging your golf club of choice. Premium Cabretta palms enable great club control while keeping your hands soft when you get home, making our XEIR Pro Men's Golf Glove a favorite among players who experience soreness and suffer from arthritis.

Lightweight, Breathable, and Fashionable

XEIRPRO Premium All Weather Golf Glove are made of the highest quality material, designed for maximum comfort on the golf course. The breathable fabric keeps your hands soft and callus-free when playing hard, and the gloves stay firmly in position while allowing your hands to maneuver the club with ease. Not to mention, stand out from the crowd with these classic designs that stand the test of time.

Made For Tough Conditions

XEIRPRO Premium All Weather Golf Gloves are made for golfers who need to focus on playing hard, and that's why our XEIR Pro Men's Golf Glove is a favorite. No matter how many days of the week the gloves are used, no matter what the weather is like, you can remain confident that these gloves will maintain the high integrity of when they were first worn.

Xeir Pro

Here at Xeir Pro, we center our design and quality focus for performance. By consulting former athletes we blend cutting-edge technology with a true understanding of an athlete's needs on the field. Xeir Pro produces some of the finest sports gloves on the market and will continue to raise our standards when creating sports gloves.



  • Adjustable closure allows for maximum comfort allowing for maximum performance
  • The glove's material helps your hands stay fresh all throughout the course and day
  • Classic and professional design that is recognized from Pro Tours to the everyday course
  • Protect your hands from harmful UV rays and from abrading due to painful friction.
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