Whether you are doing landscaping work in your compound or working in a construction site, gloves are essential to safeguard your hands and make work easier. There are many types of gloves in the market, serving different purposes and offering different protection levels. Finding the right kind of glove to suit your work will provide a better shield and give you peace of mind.


How to Pick the Right Gloves

Picking the right pair of Gloves has never been easier, thanks to modern technology that has strived to ensure every worker can find appropriate gloves. Various factors determine the type of glove to use, including:


The Nature of Activity

Different activities pose varying levels of risks and pairing the right gloves with the right kind of job will ensure you are not just wearing accessories but also taking precautions to safeguard your hands.


Working With Chemicals

Some jobs involve working with dangerous chemicals that could cause burns, corrosion, irritation and other hidden long-term effects. If your job exposes you to chemicals, consider gloves made from PVC, Nitrile or Neoprene as they are resistant to chemicals.


Health Sector

Health workers face many hazards as they handle patients. They come into contact with body fluids that could quickly spread infection and require gloves that are liquid resistant. They also need to change gloves as they move from patient to patient frequently. Latex gloves are not only fluid-resistant but are allow flexible hand movement and disposable for better safety.


Cleaning and Janitor Work

Cleaners and janitors work with strong detergents and cleaning agents in their daily roles. Nitrile gloves are well suited for this type of work as they are chemical resistant and disposable.



Many hand injuries occur commonly in the construction sector, making Work gloves a necessity in the industry. Construction workers deal with concrete, heavy machinery and tools, and require sturdy gloves with an emphasis on good grip. Leather gloves are an excellent consideration for this job.


Working with Heat and Fire

Firefighters, factory workers, welders, barbecue grillers, and hair stylists all come into contact with high temperatures and require heat-resistant gloves to safely perform their jobs.



Wood artisans face the risk of injuring their hands with sawing tools and getting splinters lodged in their hands, which can be painful. Thick, sturdy gloves protect against heavy abrasion and piercing from sharp pieces of wood.


Catering Industry

The catering industry requires high hygiene standards to protect consumers against food poisoning and food-related complications. Disposable gloves come in handy to ensure convenient changing and better hygiene.


Automotive Industry

Working in the automotive industry exposes workers to oils and heavy lifting, which can be a dangerous combination. Good gripping and well knit gloves prevent dropping heavy objects, which can cause bodily injuries.


The size of Your Hand

It is essential to ensure your gloves fit correctly to allow flexible movement and prevent them from slipping off, which exposes your hands to danger.


Workplace Recommendations

While shopping for work gloves, it is prudent to ensure your pair meets your workplace’s recommendations. Your employer understands the risks better and is well-versed with the nature of work.


With proper gloves at the workplace, employees get to work under safer conditons and achieve bettr productivity. Employers deal with fewer accidents, leading to savings in medical treatment and compensation. Besides, complying with industry PPE requirements keeps a business on good terms with the authorities.

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