Our Story

When it comes to golf, the right gloves can make a world of difference. Access to comfortable, high-performance gloves has a tangible impact on your game - the right pair can improve your grip, leading to better control, a more fluid swing, and (hopefully) a better score. In a sport where every advantage matters, this is a big one.
We founded Xeir Pro to give golfers (and other athletes) access to the high-performance gloves they deserve.




Our high-performance gloves use the best materials and latest innovations to empower golfers and other athletes to unlock their full capabilities.




In addition to improving performance, our gloves help reduce blistering, swelling, and hand pain by prioritizing comfort in every pair of gloves we sell.




We didn’t become a leader in top-of-the-line golf gloves by cutting corners or using inferior materials. Our gloves are durable, flexible, and built to last.




Good aesthetics might not help with your golf swing, but it does help ensure that you look great while playing. We design gloves that look as great as they feel.

High-Performance Golf gloves, Right At Your Fingertips.

Starting with our flagship product, the Xeir Pro Men’s Golf Glove, we designed and developed a signature line of premium quality golf gloves that blended comfort, flexibility, and performance. With Cabretta leather on the palm for grip and breathable, durable fabric that’s tough enough for all weather conditions, the Xeir Pro gloves were an immediate hit with golfers across the country.

Over the next few years/months, we expanded our products to include women’s golf gloves, youth golf gloves, all-season golf gloves, and a wide variety of other specialized golf gloves. We further optimized and improved the process with the development of the Copper Tech product line - our most innovative and best-selling gloves yet.

From The Course To The Court…And Everywhere In Between.

Our product development team quickly realized that the market for comfortable high-performance sports gloves wasn’t limited to just golf - racquet sports, football, and weightlifting all required top-of-the-line gloves too.

To meet this growing demand, we developed innovative new tennis gloves, badminton gloves, pickleball gloves, football gloves, workout gloves, and more. We also began offering heavy-duty work gloves for mechanics, welders, construction workers, and other tradespeople.

The best part? We’re just getting started…