How Do Touch Screen Gloves Work?

The majority of mobile phone users today have opted for ones with touchscreen technology such as the iPhone and Samsung galaxy. This being the case, we humans are often encountering wonky situations these days such as trying to scroll through an iPhone in winter gloves, only to find out that this idea sometimes epically fails.

So, why do some gloves that weren’t even specifically designed for touch screen compatibility sometimes allow you to control your screen visit while wearing it? To understand this mystery, we need to first understand how touch screens work.

Types of Touch Screens

There are two types of different industry standard touch screen technologies utilized by major and minor tech companies. One type of touchscreen technology is called the Resistive sensing. Resistive technology operates by enabling the touchscreen to sense the force or pressure of touch by the user. The second industry standard method is called Capacitive sensing. Capacitive touchscreens sense the actual touch by the user and does not account for the force of the touch.

The majority of touchscreen phones from iPhone to other devices utilize capacitive sensing technology. Your finger is conductive and when your finger touches the screen, it draws an electrical current thereby changing the capacitance which the screen’s circuitry measures. By picking up the change of capacitance, the circuitry can pinpoint the exact location of the finger on the screen.

When you put one and one together, you can now understand that when your gloves won’t make the touchscreen respond, it is because glove insulates electricity. In layman terms, the glove acts as a barrier that does not allow electrical current to pass from finger to screen. So how do touch screen gloves work?

Touch Screen Gloves

Not only will touchscreens work with your fingers, but they also work with any other conductive material that has enough surface area that is considered large enough for registry by the circuitry’s threshold. Therefore, when the tips of the finger areas on your gloves are electrically conductive, this will allow for the sensors of the circuity to register your input made by the touching of your gloves.

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There are two main methods of overcoming the insulation of electrical current induced by non-conductive gloves. One way is to coat the fingertips of the gloves with conductive coating. This can rather be obtrusive towards the signature design of the gloves; therefore, some glove manufacturers utilize the method of threading conductive material into the tips of the gloves.

Touch Screen Solutions for Sports Enthusiasts

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