A golfing glove is essential for any level of golfer, especially for the beginner. Take this into account, we asked Professional Golfer CH Yang at what age he started golfing. “Officially at 9, but technically when I was 12. I loved golfing so much that my hand would badly blister and keep me from playing the next day, or even the rest of that week. My interest in golfing wavered because of such painful, yet mandatory blistering.” This was back in the day when Mr. Yang had little to no money and could not afford a golf glove.


What hand do you wear a golf glove on?

This question depends mainly on whether you are a right-handed person or a left-handed person. If you are a right-handed individual, you will most likely feel instinctually comfortable with your left hand as the gripping hand. This means your left hand will wear the glove and grip the club above your right hand. If you are a left-handed person, vice versa, your right hand will wear the glove.


Why do golfers wear one glove?

The reason is, this is your hand that has the most effect on your club and ultimately your swing. Not only that, but the glove-wearing hand also called the lead hand, is the hand that takes much of the wear and tear induced by the friction of the club when swinging it. The “gloveless bottom hand” should not be death gripping over your leading top hand and club. This hand with no gloves should be firmly, yet tenderly aiding your grip’s and body’s alignment with the club.


Can you wear two gloves?

Sure thing, some people appreciate the dry gripping ability that would not be possible if their gloveless hand sweats a lot. However, it is universally understood that your non-leading hand should not be gripping the club to the extent you need a glove for protection against skin abrasion. So, if you don’t really sweat much from your hands, you will definitely suffice with just one glove for your leading hand.



  • Leading hand wears the golf glove
  • Leading hand is the hand on top
  • Leading hand does the majority of gripping
  • Leading hand depends on the individual’s handedness
  • Gloves will aid in grip
  • Gloves will inhibit sweat from interfering with grip
  • Wearing two gloves is entirely possible if you want to



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