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Copper Tech Plus

Men's Copper Tech Plus Canada Theme Patriotic Golf Glove

Men's Copper Tech Plus Canada Theme Patriotic Golf Glove

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Flexible Design

  • There is velcro on the backside of the glove to easily make adjustments to each player’s liking. The sleek, comfortable design is recognized by both professional and everyday players.

Fashionable Patterns

  • Our gloves come in a large range of colors, patterns, and themes to uniquely suit every player’s character. Themes such as the American or Korean Flag design are perfect to express your patriotism. In addition, each glove comes with a ball marker, used to conveniently mark the placement of your ball.

Made to Last

  • The fabric is very durable and designed to last severe outdoor conditions. The glove is comfortable to wear and provides a strong grip to increase performance.

Muscle Strain Prevention

  • The glove’s design improves circulation and oxygenation of the working muscles and joints. By keeping these muscles warm, it helps to prevent strain or fatigue and reduces the recovery time of joints.

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