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Copper Tech Plus

Men’s Copper Tech Plus Golf Glove - Khaki/Khaki

Men’s Copper Tech Plus Golf Glove - Khaki/Khaki

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The Khaki/Khaki colorway adds a touch of sophistication to your golf outfit, making it the perfect choice for the modern golfer. Don't let discomfort hold you back - upgrade to the Copper Tech Plus Golf Glove today and experience the difference!


Copper Infused Technology

  • Copper Tech Plus Men’s Golf Gloves are made of high quality materials to provide maximal comfort. The fabric is copper infused, which provides support for joint and muscle pain. Our revolutionary high-tech gloves have been tested thoroughly to abide by USGA established, professional golf rules.


  • Copper Tech Plus Men’s Golf Gloves are designed to last through harsh, outdoor settings.  They also protect from UV radiation and excessive moisture from the hands. 

Non-Slip Grip

  • Regardless of the condition and number of times they are used, these gloves will provide a non-slip grip onto all golf clubs. The slip resistant pattern on the palms enhance players’ performances and helps make every swing count.

Flexible Design

  • Adjustable back-of-the-hand velcro allows for maximum tightness or comfort depending on the player's style. The sleek, comfortable design is recognized by both professional and everyday players.

Muscle Strain Prevention

  • The glove’s design improves circulation and oxygenation of the working muscles and joints. By keeping these muscles warm, it helps to prevent strain or fatigue and reduces the recovery time of joints.

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