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XEIR PRO Copper Tech Plus Fishing Gloves

XEIR PRO Copper Tech Plus Fishing Gloves

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Stay Protected from the Elements in Style

Defy Sharp Hooks, Fins & Slipperiness

Touch Screen Friendly | Rapid Drying | Copper Infused Technology

Guard Your Hands

Barrier you hands from Rusty Hooks, Catfish Stings, and UV Rays

Breathable Ventilation

Vented to keeps your hands dry and safe from chafing 

Super Sticky

Sticky grip along the entire front hand surface


Made to perform well under any weather

Adjustable Cuffs

Easily tighten and loosen the fit of your glove 

Multiple Uses

Perfect for kayak fishing, surf fishing, and deep-sea fishing


Innovative Fishing Gloves 

XEIR Pro Coppertech Plus Fishing Gloves are designed with extreme flexibility and grip for those who take fishing seriously. These weatherproof and waterproof gloves will keep your hands safe from sharp hooks, catfish stings, and more! Open finger slots allow for mobile/touchscreen-friendliness. 

Beat The Sun

Provides complete UV Protection, protecting your hands from sunburn, skin toughening, and aging, reducing the chances of precancerous skin lesions and melanomas. Fast sweat kick-away and fast dry, soft, and stretchy.

More than One Use

Features stretchy, lightweight, breathable quick-drying fabric that actually keeps your hands cooler and drier than wearing no gloves at all. These gloves can hide your hands and fingers from too much sun on hot summer days, you can wear it for typing, cycling, fishing, driving, riding, jogging, running, kayaking, hiking, paddling, rowing, golfing, camping, and many more outdoor activities.​

Xeir Pro

Here at Xeir Pro, we center our design and quality focus on performance. By consulting former athletes we blend cutting-edge technology with a true understanding of an athlete's needs. Xeir Pro produces some of the finest sports gloves on the market and will continue to raise our standards when creating sports gloves.


  • Keep your hands safe from sharp hooks and catfish stings. Do not ruin your next trip with a hand injury.
  • The smoothness of the fit will help your hands flex and move without the sensation of wearing heavy-duty gloves
  • Nature-inspired appearance and color-coding, appropriate for the hardcore hobbyists
  • Protect your hands from harmful UV rays on top of fishing tools and animal encounters


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