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XEIR PRO Football Receiver Gloves (Adult Size) - White

XEIR PRO Football Receiver Gloves (Adult Size) - White

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Football Gloves With An Unbeatable Grip

Our tested and proven tacky material on the fingers and palms of the Ultimate Grip Receiver Gloves gives you complete confidence at handling and catching. Sticky grip enables improved ball control, making our Ultimate Grip Receiver Gloves a favorite among athletes from pros to hobbyists.

Lightweight, Breathable, and Fashionable

Xeir Pro Ultimate Grip Receiver Gloves are made of the highest quality material, designed for maximum comfort on the football field. The breathable fabric keeps your hands cool and dry when playing hard, and the gloves stay firmly in position while allowing your hands to maneuver the ball with ease. Not to mention, stand out from the crowd with the stunning design.

High performance and grip.

Tackiness in the finger pads and palms provides extra grip and improved ball control in any weather conditions, so you can be focused on the game and catch the ball. With the Xeir Pro Football Reciever Glove's ergonomic design, the gloves naturally feel like a second layer of skin on your hands and do not restrict your hand's movements.


  • Breathable Ventilation
  • Wicking Fabric
  • Super Sticky
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Made For Tough Conditions
  • Unsurpassed grips
  • Next level design and enhanced material that supports the anatomy of your hand in its most natural form
  • Best grips that help you make the catch that counts
  • Ball handling is enhanced with your confidence in your grasp
  • Lightweight comfortable gloves with adjustable wrist band provide the perfect fit.


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