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XEIR PRO Women Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

XEIR PRO Women Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

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Arthritis Gloves With Copper Infused Compression

Supports syndromes such as arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel so you can enjoy pain-free typing, texting, dishwashing, and many other indoor & outdoor activities

Lightweight, Breathable, and Fashionable

Provide proper joint alignment and smooth mechanical function which will relieve cumbersome pain as well as greatly reduce swelling of the wrists, hands, and fingers

Made For Discomfort and Pain

Microbial reducing, ultra moisture wicking copper-infused fabric is over 85% copper and guarantees the highest copper content to ensure the fibers keep your hands fresh. Inner and outer non-slip grip helps provide consistency in performing your activities with pristine precision and accuracy without any of the discomfort and pain​

Xeir Pro

Here at Xeir Pro, we center our design and quality focus for performance. By consulting former athletes we blend cutting-edge technology with a true understanding of an athlete's needs on the field. Xeir Pro produces some of the finest sports gloves on the market and will continue to raise our standards when creating sports gloves.


  • Keep Your Hands, Fingers, And Wrists Compressed with our ultra-comfortable fabric 
  • You Can Wear It Everyday - Copper Compression Arthritis
  • Size matters - Recommend going up one size bigger
  • Protect your hands from harmful UV rays and from forming painful calluses
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