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XEIR PRO Women Golf Training Grip (1 Pair)

XEIR PRO Women Golf Training Grip (1 Pair)

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Have you ever taken golf lessons? What’s the first thing the pro checks? Your Grip!

Why? The answer is simple. Without the proper grip, it’s tough to achieve solid contact with the ball!

Here we look at how you can get the right use for XEIR golf training grip 

XEIRPRO GOLF GRIP TRAINING GLOVES is recognized as the only golf glove that ensures a firm hold on your club throughout the swing while promoting greater accuracy and distance.

Most teaching professionals agree that the primary cause of bad shots by high handicap golfers is loose fingers or re-gripping at the top of the backswing, along with the failure to make a full shoulder turn. When re-gripping occurs, the club changes direction preventing the ball from being struck squarely on impact. This error causes your shot to slice or hook.

How To Use XEIRPRO Golf Training Gloves?

Our Training Gloves has unique features to boost your performance!

1.   POWER STRAP attachment which locks your club in proper position throughout the swing, reducing clubface twisting at impact when hitting out of the buried sand shot or from the deep rough. The “powerstrap” is especially helpful to those golfers who are arthritic or have a weak grip. The Training Glove is recommended as an effective teaching and training aid. Use the loop to ingrain that winning grip into your muscle memory to get the most from your practice play. During regulation play, the “power strap” is easily attached to the Velcro pad on the back of the glove.

2.   PALM ALIGNMENT Positioning the grip along the black section of the palm, places the club perfectly in a golfer's hand.

3.   LIFELINE INDICATOR When overlapping the hands correctly, this will align with the lifeline if the golfer’s opposite hand.

4.   KNUCKLE INDICATOR When gripping the club correctly, the golfer will see two knuckles, achieving the all-important two knuckle grip as utilized by most top players.

5.   V PATCH INDICATOR For the perfect grip, the black thumb and four finger links are touching and will point to the right shoulder for right-handed golfers


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